THE LITTLE CITY FIVE: Emma Donoghue (ROOM, The Wonder)

1.  What do you like best about Ireland?

The chatter, the gab, the slagging: the free spirited, occasionally dangerous and always garrulous way we talk.

2.  Is Lib's reaction to perceived Irish backwardness of that era related at all to your own of other eras?

Yes, but Lib also has to learn that many of her own preconceptions of the Irish are sheer prejudice. I see the novel as a sort of dialogue between England and Ireland, science and faith.

Opening Day May 2, 2015

5:54 am

The sun is well up over Manhattan, sky still rosy. It's going to be a beautiful day but I knew that already since I've been keeping a close eye on the weather report. The Mayor is coming at 10 to cut the ribbon. Do we have the ribbon? I think so. Are the scissors sharp enough?


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