The Clouds Fall on Banyula: The Banyula Tales: On keeping safe (Paperback)

The Clouds Fall on Banyula: The Banyula Tales: On keeping safe By Linda Ruth Brooks, Linda Ruth Brooks (Illustrator) Cover Image
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A hot westerly wind rushed through Dry Gully, swirling through the trees, shaking branches and rattling leaves.

Things began to blow in on the wind. Lots and lots of things. Blue tried to catch one of the things, but the wind was too fast. Leaves, twigs and dust twisted and spiralled on the wind, stinging their eyes.

The animals became afraid. Kyle ran to top of his tree. Tyson stood still and stared. Wesley looked glum. Emily quickly rolled into a ball. Fleur and Serena huddled together, shivering. Freya's frill flew up.

Above the noise of the roaring wind, a whoosh was heard, not like the wail of the wind, something else, something large.

It was Hawk. He stepped along a branch overhanging the billabong. 'Where are your parents? We need to sound an alarm.'

'Alarm Alarm ' shrieked Katie. 'Oh no '

Tick grey dust whirled in, making them cough and splutter.

'The clouds have fallen The clouds have fallen ' Kyle Koala yelled.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780648407775
ISBN-10: 0648407772
Publisher: Linda Ruth Brooks
Publication Date: November 11th, 2018
Pages: 30
Language: English