Minor League Baseball Revealed: A Secret Tour Inside Our National Pastime (Paperback)

Minor League Baseball Revealed: A Secret Tour Inside Our National Pastime By Rick Schultz Cover Image
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This book contains TWO previously released books - Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues & A Renegade Championship Summer.Ever wonder what minor league baseball is really like behind the scenes? Are you a baseball fan that wants to get closer than ever to the action? This book pulls back the curtain to share the true and (until now) untold tales of America's national pastime. Fans of all ages can read some of the most jaw-dropping, eye-opening stories from life in minor league baseball Join more than 20 professional baseball broadcasters from across the country, as they recall nearly 100 unbelievable tales from their years in the bush leagues. The most hilarious, wacky, amazing and surprising stories you'll ever hear - all told by the announcers who watched it happen. Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues includes stories featuring notable baseball stars as well as names you've never heard. Some of the names you'll know include Michael Jordan, Tommy Lasorda, Tony Gwynn, Gary Carter, Josh Hamilton and many more You'll be amazed at what really happens behind the scenes in minor league baseball I mean, really amazed. What do players do on the team bus? How do they occupy time in the clubhouse? What do they say to each other on the field? You'll hear stories about the most zany things that really happen in minor league baseball, such as.... How did one broadcaster call a no hitter when he never saw even one pitch? What did one player eat off of the infield dirt during a rain delay? What were some of the most hilarious practical jokes players have pulled? How do teams pass the time on long bus rides? Why was one bunch of hungry players walking on a lonely, dark street around midnight? Why was Tony Gwynn intently watching one particular minor league game? What happened when the broadcaster accidentally let the wrong words fly live on the air? What did Tommy Lasorda once do in a fast-food restaurant? How did these teams escape near disaster during late-night bus rides? What special pregame meal did Josh Hamilton enjoy? What was the umpire so angry when he stepped into the hotel elevator? How did Michael Jordan spend some off-time while playing minor league baseball? Why did one public address announcer almost get in a fist fight with a former major leaguer? What tool did one broadcaster use to find true love at the ballpark? Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues will pull back the curtain on these and many other true stories from baseball's minor leagues. A Renegade Championship Summer -Come along for the ride with the 1999 New York-Penn League Champion Hudson Valley Renegades. Hear from the players and coaches who made it happen, including superstar Josh Hamilton and many other household names You'll also get the true feel of minor league baseball, going behind the scenes with umpires, front office executives, scouts, former players and many more Put yourself in the dugout, clubhouse and team bus to see what really goes on with a minor league baseball team See what kind of impact Josh Hamilton, the number one pick in the draft, had on the 1999 Renegades. Truly a must for any baseball fan who wants to be closer than ever to the game "I've been in professional baseball for three years, and I've never seen the true, day-to-day feeling of the game caught the way Rick has in A Renegade Championship Summer." - John Gilbert, Director of Group Sales, Norwich Navigators, 2000.

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ISBN: 9781549629396
ISBN-10: 1549629395
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 11th, 2017
Pages: 310
Language: English