Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets for Pocket Billiards: Shortcuts to Perfect Position & Shape (Paperback)

Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets for Pocket Billiards: Shortcuts to Perfect Position & Shape By Allan P. Sand Cover Image
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How many times has your game died because of a bad cue ball control choice? (Actually, do you really want to remember how many times that happened?)

This has been a big personal problem in the decades that I've played the Green Game. There are so many speeds to hit the cue ball and so many ways to make it spin. That means even dead-easy shots become very complicated when you have to get shape for the next shot. There are literally hundreds of options.

I'm not a "feel" player, able to intuitively shoot by instinct. I'm a "scientific" player, who likes to figure what, how, and why a shot can work (and way too often, not work). Finally, I got tired of guessing the correct cue ball speed and spin, and decided to apply some intelligence to this weakness in my game. (Of course, I have no objection to winning because someone else does something foolish.)

I mapped out several hundred common shooting situations, with the cue ball, 1 ball, and 2 ball. Then I shot each layout, over and over, trying out different speeds and spins. Everything was tested and retested - and then repeated over and over. The table layouts in this book are the results from those months and months of testing with tens of thousands of shots. This is why these are "Cheat Sheets". Basically - I've done all the suffering for you.

You need to add some reality to these shots. First, try the shot with what you think works. Then use the provided cheat tip. Once successful, repeat again. Then setup on the shot and shoot it with your eyes closed.

Once you realize you can dial in the speed and spin to get consistent results, the learning curve goes much faster. All it takes is some dedicated practice time to prove you can do it - and that is when you start winning more games.

What you learn in this book will not stop all of your bad shooting decisions. It WILL reduce the number of mistakes. That is why, after you buy this book that I provide an email connection in the book. I am very interested that you get good value.

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Publication Date: January 28th, 2011
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