Addressing Systemic Discrimination by Reframing the Problem (Paperback)

Addressing Systemic Discrimination by Reframing the Problem By Frank L. Douglas Cover Image
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The book introduces and demonstrates the importance of three new concepts in Addressing Systemic Discrimination. These are Focus on the Individual; Evolution of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to Equity, Inclusion and Individual Engagement (EIIE) and Safe Haven Dialogues (SHD) Reframing Process. The book describes the contributions of Equity and Inclusion in determining the psychological safety of an organization and introduces the Equity-Inclusion Culture Matrix as a tool to assess these cultures.

In the second section of the book, the author presents a case series of Individuals from a wide cross-section of professions including academia, industry, government, and healthcare, who have experienced Systemic Discrimination. The SHD Reframing Process is then used to objectively determine aspects of Systemic Discrimination which are depicted in these cases. A VIP (Victors over Injustice in their Professions) panel reviews issues of Equity and Inclusion and seeks a Better Problem to Solve to achieve the Desired Outcome by Reframing the Problem. Understanding the Aggrieved Individual's position within the Equity Inclusion Culture Matrix helps to find a Better Problem to Solve.

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ISBN: 9781662938344
ISBN-10: 1662938349
Publisher: Frank Douglas Books
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2023
Pages: 174
Language: English