Teaching Math with Examples (Paperback)

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Some teachers think that there's little to say about teaching with examples - after all, everyone uses them. But here are just some of the questions you might have about teaching with worked examples:
- How do we introduce an example?
- What do we ask students to do when studying a solution?
- Should a solution be presented all at once or revealed step-by-step?
- After we study an example, what comes next?
- Does it matter if the solution is presented as if from a fictional student, a real student in class, or from the teacher?
- How do we help students move from understanding someone else's ideas towards using it on their own to solve problems?
- How do we write a solution in a clear way, that students can learn from?
- When is a good time to offer a worked example? When is it better to let students try a problem?
- Are worked examples more useful for some mathematical content than others?
This book will answer all of these questions. In some cases, research offers answers. Other questions represent gaps in the research literature and the book offers solutions arrived at through experience and trial-and-error and the author's own process of classroom problem solving.
Welcome to the world of teaching with examples

About the Author

Michael Pershan began his career in 2010 at a high school in New York City where he taught mathematics and computer science. Since then he has taught at St Ann's School in Brooklyn, where he teaches math to elementary, middle, and high school students, and at Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics's summer camp for underserved students. He has taught a course for teachers at Math for America, organized math education conferences, and helped create research-informed curriculum for Mathalicious, Amplify Education and M.I.T.'s Teaching Systems Lab. He and his family live in NYC..

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Publication Date: April 6th, 2021
Pages: 126
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