Halfway Home: The Story of a Father and Son Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (Paperback)

Halfway Home: The Story of a Father and Son Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail By Donald Reavis, Quentin Reavis Cover Image
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It's just a trail. 2660 miles of dirt, sand, gravel, granite, lava and pine needles. It cares not who treads on its ever changing surface. Its very existence depends on the footsteps of those who navigate its pathway. Reaching the end of this 2 foot wide track a person finds themselves at the end of something that goes on in every aspect of their life. A deep inner emotion grips at your soul, one that can only be understood by those who have also walked along this seemingly never ending trail.

On Sunday afternoon of April 7th Quentin (Family Man) along with his dad, Donald (Stagecoach) left the monument along the Mexican border for the ultimate hike along the most prestigious trail in the western United States. Five months later they arrived at the northern terminus on the afternoon of September 7th.

The agony they experience was dwarfed by the God inspiring landscaped. From the hot arid desert of southern California to the snow covered High Sierra Mountains. They traversed the pine covered wilderness areas of northern California and Oregon. They climbed the lava flows of Oregon and crossed the Bridge of the Gods on the Columbia River. Washington State would not go without a fight as they climbed the alpine mountains and crossed swollen rivers. Walking late into the night and waking as a new day brings predawn light to the eastern sky, Stagecoach and Family Man experienced what few have. Day by day the layers of modern life were peeled from their cluttered conscious allowing the miracles of God to be revealed.

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ISBN: 9781942845270
ISBN-10: 1942845278
Publisher: Donald L Reavis
Publication Date: October 24th, 2015
Pages: 274
Language: English