Tactical Teacher: Proven Strategies to Positively Influence Student Learning and Classroom Behavior (Paperback)

Tactical Teacher: Proven Strategies to Positively Influence Student Learning and Classroom Behavior By Dale Ripley Cover Image
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Positively influence the behavior of even your most challenging students. In The Tactical Teacher, author Dale Ripley shares a plethora of tactics, ranging from persuasive dialogue to environmental details, proven to improve students' classroom behavior and increase learning. You'll gain powerful, research-based strategies for addressing disruptions, developing productive student-teaching relationships, and motivating students to embrace learning like never before.

  • Understand how the experiences of ancient humans still impact student behavior.
  • Understand the difference between soft and hard tactics and how to use them effectively.
  • Forge positive relationships with even your most challenging or disruptive students.
  • Explore the ethics of using specific influence and persuasion strategies in the classroom.
  • Help students engage in learning through the tactics portrayed in each chapter.

Chapter 1: Why Your Students Behave the Way They Do
Chapter 2: Student Behavior Through the Lens of Natural Selection
Chapter 3: Soft Tactics for Helping Your Students Create a Positive Self-Image
Chapter 4: Soft Tactics for Reciprocation
Chapter 5: Soft Tactics for Likeability
Chapter 6: Soft Tactics for the Power of Commitment
Chapter 7: Soft Tactics for Making the Invisible Visible
Chapter 8: Soft Tactics for Empathetic Persuasion of Students' Thinking
Chapter 9: Soft Tactics for Your Classroom's Physical Environment
Chapter 10: Soft Tactics for Motivating Students by Taking Something Away
Chapter 11: Soft Tactics for Persuading Students With the Right Words
Chapter 12: Soft Tactics for Motivating Students Through Rewards
Chapter 13: Soft Tactics for Making a Great First Impression
Chapter 14: Hard Tactics to Use With Extreme Caution
Chapter 15: Soft Tactics for Knowing When to Influence Your Students
Chapter 16: The Ethics of Influence
Chapter 17: How Your Students Subconsciously Motivate You
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