Ordinary Angels (Paperback)

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The amazing true story now a major motion picture

A first-hand account by the hairdresser who inspired a city to save the life of a little girl, the miracle that played out in front of millions around the world. The obstacles that showed up that wintery morning were nothing compared to the lifetime of mountains Sharon Stevens had to climb to get to that point.

Within the narrative, the lives of two little girls intertwine, each marked by unspeakable tragedies, insurmountable challenges, and breathtaking rescues. Both would grow up to touch the world in ways they never planned, could not imagine, and would not wish upon anyone.

In a script seemingly written by heavenly hands, these two girls from two different generations would one day end up rescuing each other-in an almost unbelievable way.


A true story full of drama, love, insurmountable odds, and miraculous triumph experienced by ordinary people who rose up to answer the call to help an innocent child, about one woman in particular who looked beyond her own limitations to say yes to the impossible.

Sharon Stevens, twice divorced, barely making enough to support herself, would never claim to be an angel. In fact, her life was full of chaos and risk from the moment she was born. Early in life, perilous situations were thrust upon her. As an adult, she gravitated toward adventure and spur-of-the-moment decisions that often put her on the precipice of disaster and kept her in the pathway of people who would take advantage of her. If your aim is to find fault with her, she would be an easy target, but look again.

This diminutive hair stylist was not the person you would have chosen for such a monumental task with a life hanging in the balance-but God chose her, nonetheless. And where you or I would probably have done whatever was the very least we could do, Sharon said "yes" to the impossible. She might never have stepped up and risked everything she had to help a complete stranger, but for the events that unfolded that unusually cool Kentucky August morning.

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ISBN: 9781960166128
ISBN-10: 1960166123
Publisher: Encourage Publishing
Publication Date: September 8th, 2023
Pages: 210
Language: English