Global Patriot: Normative Exercise in International Relations (Paperback)

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Does it worry you to hear Trump talk about Nuclear war so nanchalantly? do you worry about the run away train named the "environment" that is slowly moving towards the edge of a formidable cliff? Why our international institutions are not preventing war, environmntal degredation, poverty, human rights abuses? Is there a way out of this seemingly endless impasse?The word Globalisation is gaining prominence . The ultimate goal of true globalisation is eradication of war and saving planet earth. This book aims to paint what is possible as a political objective for all humanity to aim for, while at the same time exposing most of the cracks in the present world order as is constituted today in the form of 195 state actors. No book on world government so far published accomplished this task. Before you is a work that took many years to accomplish with a great deal of research and original ideas. It is a small contribution to push back against present day misinformation by populists and nationalists to undermine the budding globalist movement . After reading this book I hope the reader will have a different outlook so far as Nationalism and State Sovereignty are concerned.

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ISBN: 9781977007971
ISBN-10: 197700797X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 26th, 2018
Pages: 376
Language: English